At EasyOven we are passionate about the world we live in and our environment! We believe that cooking for your family shouldn't kill you!

Smoke inhalation-related diseases are the 4th largest killer in the world. It kills over 4.3 million, mainly women and children each year! EasyOven has been designed to be an Environmentally, Socially, Economically, and Financially responsible product that saves up to 83% -90% of fuel.

This means that exposure to harmful smoke is drastically reduced. Ultimately EasyOven saves lives!

It started over twenty-five years ago when inventor Joanne Kennard came up with a design of a heat retention oven that not only kept the food hot during transport but could continue the cooking process while in transit, saving time and energy.

"Initially it was used when attending friends and family gatherings. It saved so much time and food was always hot and the way I designed it I keep my drinks cold in the EasyOven as well. Even though the design worked well, after research it was decided that the market was not ready for such a product. Back then no one thought about Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, or sustainable products and most still had ashtrays on their desks!." said Joanne

Fast-forward to 2010 / 2011 and EasyOven was field-tested during the earthquakes of Christchurch New Zealand and the floods in Brisbane Australia. Since then, EasyOven has been tested throughout the world in various climates and has performed beyond expectations. Our lightweight design (230 grams) is 100% recyclable and can be washed with ease. It saves money time and effort.

EasyOven is a proud partner of The UN Global Cooking Alliance - Clean Cookstoves.

We are proud that EasyOven™ operates as a Circular Business Model, creating wealth for all.

Our Mission is to distribute the EasyOven™ using a quadruple bottom line system:

  1. Environmentally Responsible: by creating a product that is energy efficient.

  2. Socially Responsible: by facilitating the start-up of small enterprises in communities manufacturing the EasyOven™.

  3. Financially responsible: by keeping the product affordable.

  4. Culturally responsible: wherever possible using local material.

Who Can Use It?

  • Households

  • Schools – Tuck shops and Cooking programs

  • Elderly

  • Community Nutrition Programs

  • Farmers

  • Mining companies

  • Trades People

  • Travelers / Hikers / Campers

  • Not for Profit and Aid organisations.


Why Is It So Important?

  • Saves on cooking time by up to 90%

  • Is energy efficient

  • Saves energy and fuel consumption thus saving money (up to A$250.00 per year)

  • Saves Water

  • Reduces CO2 emissions (up to ½ ton of carbon a year)

  • Transports frozen food.