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It's a non-electrical, fabric, lightweight, portable, thermal heat retention cooker.

Quite simply.......... it's a slow cooker made of fabric!


It's simple yet effective design retains heat to slow cook food with less energy. It is Energy Efficient, reduces CO2 emissions, saves electricity and fuel costs while enhancing the quality of the food. Its unique design also allows it to transport frozen products. Made of fabric, the EasyOven™ is lightweight (230g), easy to clean, carry and store when not in use.


 Economic advantages:               

  • Saves on Electricity and other fuel costs

  • Manufactured using techniques that reduce the company’s carbon footprint

  • Affordable and durable

Environmental Advantages:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions

  • Saves water due to less evaporation

  • Environmentally friendly

 Health Advantages:    

  • Enhances food quality

  • Reduces food wastage

 Safety advantages:

  • Reduces the risk of burn injuries

  • Reduces risk of smoke inhalation

EasyOven was tested by the University of Queensland, Australia for the following:

Carbon Footprint

Life Cycle Assessment

Estimate for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Outstanding results were received for the product.