EXAMPLE: How to cook Basmati Rice



            Made in the EasyOven, this fool-proof recipe only requires you to leave the rice to boil for 2 minutes and, because you

            are taking it off your stove heat source, you will never have burnt rice ever again!





EasyOven is a heat-retention cooker that cooks almost anything, from roast meat rolls to soups, laksa, curries, rice, and more using the heat retention method of cooking.

Heat retention cooking has been around for centuries, with examples of Pacific Islanders cooking with volcanic rock in-ground pits, hay boxes used during WW1, and grandparents using towels to keep their food cooking while saving on gas and electricity.

EasyOven is a product that makes heat retention cooking easy!

EasyOven cooks rice but isn't a rice cooker only - it is so much more...........

Saving  time in the kitchen , fuel usage (electricity, gas set), between 83% - 90%and maintains food quality.

The cooking time varies depending on what you are cooking and where you are cooking it. Remember the closer to the sea the less you have to boil your food. follow the recipes we have provided to give you a better idea on cooking time.

When cooking your fabulous dish make sure you bring the food to the boil and continue boiling for the recommended amount of time on the stove, burner or fire before transferring the pot to the EasyOven™.

  1. Open the EasyOven™ wide ensuring that the cord is fully extended and out of the way.

  2. Slide your pot into the EasyOven™ and close immediately pulling the cord tight around the pot to trap any escaping heat.


  • Make sure the pot you are using fits into the EasyOven™.

  • Use the correct size pot for the amount of food needed.

  • Have the EasyOven™, within easy reach, but ensuring it is safely away from any fire hazard.

  • Keep the lid on and do not place the pot on a cool surface on the way to the EasyOven™. This will make sure heat is not lost in the transfer process.

  • Do NOT peep before cooking time is up, or heat will be lost!


  • Never place your EasyOven™ on the stove or in the oven.

  • Boiling point must always be reached before cooking in the EasyOven™, in order to kill off any dangerous bacteria that can grow in luke-warm food.

  • Keep out of reach of small children during the cooking process.

We have given you an example below to show just how it works with rice.