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The Inferno Biomass stove takes outdoor cooking to a whole new level with its unique vortex technology. It is specifically designed with you in mind as a companion for the backyard, a campground, or remote mountain top.

This beautifully designed stove combines science, safety, technology and efficiency to create a one of a kind outdoor experience. It also is the first all-purpose biomass-fueled stove with a USB heat control that gives you temperatures from 425° F degrees up to 1500° F. Weight 1kg (approx).


Made with Strength & Durability in Mind - coated in anodized titanium and crafted with high quality stainless steel, your stove allows for maximum heat resistance on the outer surface. This creates the Inferno’s handsome slate design and gives the stove longevity of life.

Inferno Biomass Rocket Stove