Lamatar Village, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Partner : MinErgy Pvt, Nepal

Aim: Create healthier cooking solutions for families in the Kathmandu Valley

Lamatar village is situated within Mahalaxmi Municipality in Lalitpur district. Ward 9 and 10 of this village comprise of about 650 households. People with mixed ethnicity lives in these wards, however, majority are from Tamang community. Around 400 houses in these two wards were partially or fully damaged due to 2015 mega earthquake. And till date only 10% of those houses have been rebuilt. Though gas stoves are prevalent in many households, in almost all households firewood is still a primary fuel for cooking.

The initial assessment carried out jointly by MinErgy Nepal and EasyOven Australia has revealed the need of clean cooking solution in both wards.

Kruger National Park. South Africa

Partner : SunFire – South Africa.

Aim: Reduce Deforestation and implement clean cooking solutions into local villages.


Deforestation is at critical levels in the area. The local population are trying to access more fuel by climbing over the high fences into the Kruger National Park with dire consequences. The Park is full of wildlife such as lions, and the local population is in extreme danger of being maimed or killed by the animals – all so they can gather wood to be able to cook and feed their families.


SunFire has successfully introduced EasyOven in the projects and are extremely pleased at how easily villagers adapt to using it 


Fuel savings have been dramatically reduced by the introduction of this simple and easy to use Retained Heat bag alone, EasyOven.


SunFire Solutions specialises in Solar Cookers that use only pure sunlight as fuel to cook delicious meals.


Partner : SunFire – South Africa.

Aim: Reduce Deforestation and implement clean cooking solutions into local villages.


Deforestation is at critical levels in this area. Energy Efficient, clean cooking solutions are urgently required.


SunFire, through extensive research has come up with a solution that will combat this problem. The SunFire Solar Cookers, combined with EasyOven where users are as amazed by the EasyOven as they are by the Parabolic Dish as its hard to imagine that they actually work until you experience it yourself.


Partner: World Vision

Climate Change and Environment

Extensive testing of EasyOven in the Ethiopian environment to be included in their established Clean cookstove projects. Establish conversations with various agencies including GIZ and the Ethiopian government Ministry of Water Irrigation and Electricity.

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Clean Cookstove Project - Kiribati

Partner : SilverFire - Australia

Aim: Investigate clean cookstove project


Working closely with Tony Blake - SilverFire Australia to investigate a clean cookstove project in Kiribati (Country in Oceania).

Kiribati have a problem with supply / demand of fuel for cooking. Natural fuel is husks and other fuel such as LPG has to be sourced from. other islands / countries for usage.

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Morgan Bay, South Africa

Partner : Ixgara Community, South Africa.

Aim: Building the crèche and installing solar hot water system to create a safe, happy and self-sufficient crèche at the Ixgara Village


The Ixgara community is part of the Morgan Bay greater community situated in a remote area of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Electricity is in very short supply and these children are often left to play inside in the dark with no way of heating their food apart from building a dangerous cooking fire. Our dream is to work with the community to create a wonderful sustainable and energy efficient building, with special focus on lighting, heating and cooking. This building will be the first of its kind in the area and we hope to use this as an example to educate the greater community on the benefits of solar and creating an energy efficiency and sustainable community.