Principal Purpose

The Company exists to improve the lives of persons experiencing disadvantage by providing training, education, empowerment, micro business opportunities, and technology to improve healthy eating that alleviates necessitous circumstances or disadvantage and ultimately improves people’s lives.



Without limiting the objects of the Company include:

  • To provide, support and develop technology that improves healthy eating assists people to engage and participate in community life;


  • To initiate activities that alleviates disability or disadvantage. Activities such as education to improve healthy eating habits, cooking classes, produce growing and other activities as determined by the Board;


  • To facilitate the development of micro businesses in distributing technology, delivering education and other activities in local communities


  • To research the benefits and impact of healthy eating supported by technology and education in alleviating necessitous circumstances or disadvantage;


  • To promote to and educate the community of positive stories and the valuable contribution of healthy eating and living in alleviating necessitous circumstances or disadvantage;


  • To create opportunities for volunteers to contribute, either directly or indirectly, to improving the lives of persons experiencing disadvantage;


  • To do all other things as may be incidental and ancillary to the attainment of these objects