Bush Barbie – Rocket Stove

 The Highly Efficient Wood Camp Stove












Bush Barbie wood stove is a highly efficient cooking stove, designed to withstand years of regular use. Made from high quality, heat resistant stainless steel, the outer cage remains cool to the touch even after hours of cooking. Its thermal emissions are the best in its class.

This small, yet highly effective stove can boil 5 litres of water in 15 minutes using as little as 250g of wood and can be used for everyday cooking. The Bush Barbie provides you with a fast, safe and convenient way to cook while simultaneously protecting your health and the environment.


  • High efficiency wood burning stove.

  • Smokeless after initial combustion.

  • Extremely safe, outer cage remains cool to touch.

  • Benefits the environment by reducing deforestation.

  • Long lasting high quality heat resistant stainless steel construction.

  • Boils 5 litres of water in 15 minutes using as little as 250g of wood.


The exceptional performance of this stove is achieved in part by burning the smoke. A cleverly designed convection-fueled air duct directs preheated air at 300°C back into the top of the combustion chamber that ignites the smoke (smoke is just unburned fuel). The stove also utilizes an insulating heat shield, made of a highly reflective grade of stainless steel, as an insulator around the chimney or fire chamber. This not only serves to contain the heat but it also creates an envelope in which tertiary air is pre-heated to around 300 degrees centigrade.


The Bush Barbie stove has 97% combustion efficiency, and is thus virtually smokeless.


For outdoor use only.



Product Specifications:

Product Dimensions:                                             Height: 270mm  

                                                                                   Diameter: 240 mm

Product weight:                                                       2.09kg

Shipping Weight including packaging:                3 kg    


How to use the Bush Barbie


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  1. Twist a piece of newspaper in a rough roll and fold it in half. Push the roll of paper into the mouth of the burner and pull it up into the burning chamber.

  2. Place small sticks around the paper in the burning chamber. Light the paper to get the paper and small sticks to burn.

  3. When fire is alight in the chamber insert 4-5 larger wood sticks into the chamber mouth. Put them in so that they cross over in the chamber. Once the fire is burning well, you can reduce heat by pulling some of the wood back slightly.

  4. To cook in a big pot on the stove put a strong wood or metal pole through the mesh and lying on the ground. This will balance the pot so that the stove does not fall over.

  5. When upside-down the stove makes a sturdy stool

  6. For outdoor use only