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Electrical Yoghurt Maker


The best yoghurt maker in Australia!









Our yoghurt maker is just brilliant. It will make yoghurt batches from 1 to 2 litres and maintains the correct temperature very accurately, even over extended fermentation times.

Make 1-2 litres of yoghurt in our electric yoghurt maker. Ideal for extended fermentation times with no temperature creep. Make amazing vegan or dairy probiotic yoghurt in your own kitchen with our very own yoghurt maker.

Works with dairy or non-dairy milks to make any type of yoghurt.

  • Dairy Yoghurt

  • Lactose-Free Dairy Yoghurt

  • Soy Yoghurt

  • Almond Yoghurt

  • Coconut Yoghurt

Certified BPA Free interior container holds up to two litres of yoghurt!