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EasyOven is a heat retention / thermal cooker that cooks almost anything, from roast meat rolls to soups, laksa, curries, rice, and more using the heat retention method of cooking.

It's a slow cooker made of fabric!!

Heat retention /thermal cooking has been around for centuries, with examples of Pacific Islanders cooking with volcanic rock in-ground pits, hay boxes used during WW1, and grandparents using towels to keep their food cooking while saving on gas and electricity. So it's not a new idea!

Many think that EasyOven is just for camping or the aid and disaster world but it can be used in your everyday domestic life in the suburbs. It saves time, money, and a whole lot of effort in the kitchen. In fact, it saves around 83% -90% of your fuel usage (electricity, gas, etc), and reduces your carbon footprint. You can quickly get your food started, place your boiling pot inside the EasyOven (no it won't burn the EasyOven or damage it), and go off and do the things you want to do without the stress of being in the kitchen for hours!

The EasyOven is 100% recyclable and is not made from animal products so it can also be used for vegetarian and vegan cooking. Our Australian stock is manufactured in outback Australia We manufacture in-country - meaning employ locally, promote training and education and create sustainable jobs.

If you have any questions about EasyOven, please send us an email at or fill out our contact form.